Are you secure?

Are you worried your defense won’t stand up to malicious cyber attack? We can help you find out.

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Is your team overwhelmed
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possible intrusions?

Do you have a plan to proactively uncover hidden vulnerabilities?

How secure are your systems and networks against targeted cyber attacks?


Security Solutions & Services

Cybersecurity evolves so fast, it’s impossible to stay ahead of every threat.
Are you worried your defenses won’t stand up to a cyber attack? 

A penetration test may focus on your networks, applications, physical facilities, human assets and more.

Our Approach

D.A.E.R! came from realizing that every successful professional and business our team worked with, had 4 things in common.

We develop a customized workflow based on your unique business needs with a method based on the penetration testing execution standards.


What We Offer

We help you look at your business like a cyber crimnal would. With our top rated tools and hacking mindset we augment your resource constrained internal team to strengthen defenses.

Reduce your cyber risk by identifying where it exists before a breach occurs. Leverage our ethical hacking framework as your proactive mitigation strategy against cyber vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

Preserve Corporate Image & Customer Loyalty

Confidence your company systems and client data are protected.

Compliance Services

Meet security compliance standards with proactive management

Certified Experts

Experience and specialized support your team needs.


Our Approach to Security

Cybersecurity Crusaders’ approach consists of about 80% manual testing and about 20% automated testing – approximately. Automated testing enables efficiency, only during the initial phases of a penetration test. At Cybersecurity Crusaders, our mindset is that effective and comprehensive penetration test can only be realized through rigorous manual testing techniques. Our certified Ethical Hackers utilize commercial tools, internally developed tools, and the same tools that hackers use.  


Vulnerability Scan

Uncover critical vulnerabilities in your organization. Vulnerability  assessments provide your systems with non-intrusive, automated and regular tests to identify security loopholes in your systems and networks, rather than specific attack scenarios. These vulnerabilities are then measured on a scale of severity.

Penetration Testing

Ethical hackers perform what’s known as penetration testing, or pen testing, to dive deep into your processes to demonstrate what could happen in a real-time attack.  Penetration testing uncovers critical issues and provides you with a clear view of how well your network and sensitive data are protected. We specialize in internal penetration test to assess your local network, wireless network security and physical safeguards or an external pen-test to assess your organization’s attack surface from a malicious actor’s point of view.

Comprehensive Report

Share what we uncovered with your team. Put actionable steps in place to address your security gaps.

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